Are you bored with standard WordPress problems such as:

  • performance
  • security
  • crappy plugins

You just want to publish simple posts and host it even with AWS S3 or Github pages?
Use one of the many static generators.

Jekyll is the most popular choice, it’s written in Ruby but even if you don’t know this language it will be fine because it’s using markdown syntax
Below I’m providing 2min-to-see-effect solution with ready to use theme.

Jekyll TL;DR on Ubuntu 14.04

Install Jekyll and theme

sudo apt-get install make ruby-dev ruby nodejs
sudo gem install bundler jekyll
git clone blog
cd blog
bundle install

Start local webserver

bundle exec jekyll serve -w

Now you can visit localhost:4000 for your Jekyll blog!


bundle exec jekyll build

How to use

You can find detailed info about theme config and customization here:

More themes -