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I'm Michał Frąckiewicz, this site will show you some info about me and what I do

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Programming and Linux servers administration is my life.
It's not only work, it's also my passion. It has its advantages (yay, hobby time), but also has its disadvantages (nay, no free time).

When I scrape a bit of free time, I like to play computer games, go for a long walk or ride a bike.

I treasure simplicity and minimalistic approach. Less is more! KISS is the king!
I try to make my apps and sites light, fast and working on every platform, just like this one :)

My projects

Customer panel v3 frontend @ my.lvlup.pro

Single Page Application allows stunning performance and fast response experience for both desktop and mobile users
Available as open source (MIT license) project on GitHub:

Used tech:

Customer panel v3 backend @ api.lvlup.pro

Continuous integration and Docker allows fast new version deployment.
You can create demo account by visiting https://demoapi.lvlup.pro/v3/auth/register
Demo credentials can be used to log in on demo frontend https://demomy.lvlup.pro

Hosting lvlup.pro - homepage

Information about offers, company and FAQ.
By using static page generator Hugo and Cloudflare CDN site loading is blazing fast!

Hosting lvlup.pro - customer panel v2

Services, tickets, payments - all in one place for hosting customers.

Game hosting panel aimpanel.pro

Simple to install and use webpanel for hosting game servers, all for free!